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Playing with dollystyle Akane doll

I started as a doll stylist I always believe in redesign doll : dollystyle Akane Hat : volks (who’s that girls brand ) i customized the hat adding a giant … Continue reading

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Important notice

Sorry 😐 viewers I know it been a while . I mostly been putting my worlds for both 16″and 12″ in there blogs 12″doll work in ayukislove.wordpress 16″doll work in … Continue reading

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New ayukislove 12″ doll work

New doll work for ayukislove 12″ doll work check out ayukislove.wordpress.com

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New work for ayukistars 16″ doll work

Been working on harajuku envy perfect but had time to make something worse outside that project   More pictures and information at ayukistars.wordpress.com

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new doll blog and update

a new doll blog was made for 16″ doll work ayukistars.wordpress.com  

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last post for this year

this year is been very busy and i been working on the major doll project for about 2 years it my first sybarite this is a little preview i did … Continue reading

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misaki doll “shades of pink ” clothes rack by ayuki

this rack contains new clothes , revived work, and accessories in pink shades for more info and pictures go to https://ayukislove.wordpress.com/2015/04/27/misaki-shades-of-pink-rack-by-ayuki/

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